A Christmas Story

by John Fleming

A retired, master painter, once looked for his ideal Christmas gift. In his search he passed by the local pawn shop and, upon gazing into the window, he spotted a dirty looking old and worn sculpture of an angel. Upon inquiring about the price, which was very low and reasonable, the master painter immediately purchased this worn and dirty object considered a sculpture.

The master painter took the sculpture home, cleaned it up, and lo and behold…beneath the dirt and grime was an angel with highlights of real gold. As he cleaned and polished and re-painted the angel, the old dusty grime covered angel came to life again as a brilliant and extraordinary sculpture. The old master painter knew that he had found his ideal Christmas gift…the gift of remembering and experiencing exactly how life works.

We celebrate Christmas because of the birth of a savior who brought to us the opportunity to always be able to renew…renew our understanding of the world, the universe, our understanding of god…our understanding of ourselves. The experience of the old master painter in renewing the dusty old angel sculpture he purchased is also a story about life.

Beneath the surface of what appeared to be only dust and dirt, the master painter found real gold. His mastery also restored the angel sculpture to its radiance, significance and beauty. The Christmas season is one that always reminds us of our own personal opportunity to renew our own angels…dust ourselves off from the race of the previous year, share our gratitudes for our past year experiences, and move on into the new year full of love, appreciation and gratitude for the opportunity to start again…to renew our angels!

Our life is God’s gift to us, what we do with it is our gift to God! What a glorious time to renew ourselves, explore new opportunities, continue down the proven pathways, take the detours that are often needed but most importantly…enjoy even more of this great gift we call life…the opportunity to always be better at something and share with others what someone shared with us that enriches life for the benefit of all!

Be blessed and happy this holiday season and always! You have been a blessing in my life and I am grateful!

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