About The One Course


The One Course is not a course offered through traditional college curricula but it could be the one course that makes a difference! Regardless of age, we are all students navigating our journey through life. The One Course demonstrates and explains how the principles of architecture can be applied to the design and building of one’s life. These principles are time tested and have nothing to do with where you are. Regardless of age, past experience, stage or status in life the most important thought is: Where do we want to go? How do we want to enjoy life? How do we gain control? These are the proverbial questions. These are the questions we face as teens and also the very same questions we face in retirement.

Architecture, though an art form, is really a science. Buildings are not simply built on random thoughts or visions. They must meet stringent tests of engineering principles and formulas. Ultimately, plans are developed and construction crews actually begin building. What we see in finished buildings and structures, no matter what they are, is the result of many successful processes that have been executed to perfection.

Like architecture, life is a science. Well-designed buildings withstand the test of time. Outstanding structures, many built thousands of years ago, remain standing in every part of the world – a testimony to the soundness of the principles upon which they were designed and built. Life should be no different. When we design our lives and develop plans based on established principles we create the future we envision, we become successful in both our personal lives and our chosen fields of endeavor and ultimately, how we would like to spend the golden years of our lives. This course is about principles, values, formulas and processes that are at the foundation of true success, happiness and peace of mind, the enjoyment of all that life beholds. This course is not about the specifics associated with being successful at something in particular such as: a business, profession, skill or trade.

But what is success? And in the building of our lives, what really constitutes a successful life? There is no magical starting point. Wherever you are, you can get started if you feel something might be missing. Perhaps you missed this course in an earlier phase of your life? Perhaps you have been searching for such a course? This is why we named it The One Course!

What Is Success? What is the process that ensures success?

In mature countries, the process the masses embark upon is very similar regardless of the country one might live. The steps are: Start the educational process, get as much education as possible, seek the rewards of labor from knowledge, skills and expertise acquired, seek a life partner and create a family.

This process usually starts with our first school experiences. Parents actually make decisions for us, as they coach us and involve us in the educational/learning process.

In later years formal educators and counselors encourage us to continue our education through vocational schools and other institutions of higher learning. For some, the cost of continuing education is prohibitive. Often, parents are not in the financial position to help with the expense of education. To help meet growing financial obligations, many teens resort to joining the workforce too soon, often sacrificing their continued pursuit of knowledge.

Young people who are able to continue their education at trade schools, colleges, and universities are guided through two to five years or more of study designed to prepare them for careers in chosen professions or fields. The end of this educational process usually yields some type of degree or certificate of completion. This achievement is one to be very proud of; however, it is not a guarantee for achieving “success.”

Approximately 50 percent of the population then moves into the process of selecting a life partner and subsequently the creation of a family. At this time most of us had dreams and hopes of being able to enjoy the benefits of a process that would yield a successful path through life, happiness and peace of mind.

However, in the United States of America, the richest country in the world, 10 percent of the population typically owns 70 percent of the wealth and the top 1 percent typically controls more than 35 percent of the wealth. The bottom 40 percent owns less than 1 percent of the nation’s wealth. A few short years ago, the U.S. Department of Commerce reported that America’s personal savings rate, as a percentage of disposable income, was negative, and the lowest in the industrialized world. Today, it is not that much better.

The statistics represent a society that does not experience success throughout its masses. What’s even more alarming are the global statistics: 2 percent of the global population controls 50 percent of all of the world’s wealth! The top 10 percent actually controls 85 percent of the world’s wealth!

What’s missing in the educational process that prevents so many from achieving a higher level of success? Why is it that so many can invest so much time in attempting to do all of the right things, and still not attain their goals? How do we achieve happiness and peace of mind, freedom from debt, and financial stability?

We take the one course of action that will ensure us personal success: We become the architects of our destinies. We create the blueprints for the lives we want to live. We assess who we are and what we want to build, we design plans of our choosing, and we note what is needed to change and achieve a broad and comprehensive definition of a successful life.

The One Course is designed to guide you through the steps necessary for creating a balanced, successful life. It helps you identify the areas of your life that need designing, or re-defining, and helps you “construct” a solid framework capable of creating a future that will allow you to live the life you truly want to live.

Each lesson features a summary that provides a high-level overview of the material covered in each lesson. In addition, each summary includes a building principle that highlights an important phase or process needed in your personal development.

The sixteen activities in The One Course serve as aids in identifying how to improve your overall plan. They consist of assessments that help you evaluate your goals, reflective journals that help you develop an awareness of where you are in life and where you want to be, and activities to strengthen practical skills.

Each activity is a prerequisite for the next lesson. Do not skip activities and jump to lessons that you feel might be more interesting. It is best to complete each activity in sequence in order to gain the maximum return on your investment of time in the course.

Remember, when we are in pursuit of adding value to our lives, chances are we need to think differently about those things that ultimately determine the quality of our lives and the manner in which we desire to live our lives. The activities contained in this course are critical to enhancing and possibly transforming your thinking about what matters most in your life.

If you get stuck on an activity, stay with it until you complete it. You will gain so much more from the next lesson when you have successfully completed the previous activity. Once you have completed The One Course, plan a celebration that truly excites you.

Consider it your gift to yourself for graduating from The One Course. After all, you will have completed the steps necessary for designing the life of your choosing . . . for becoming the architect of your own destiny.