Attitude Is Everything

If you can envision it, you can build it. All it takes is a little attitude—positive attitude, that is.

Your life is the most precious asset you own, and from this point on, you will learn what makes the difference in terms of what you achieve in life and how you enjoy life. Later in this lesson we’ll talk about goals and plans, knowledge and skills, and the importance of habits and positive actions, but for now, we’ll focus on the most important asset you can manage . . . your attitude!

You can accomplish almost anything you want to accomplish once you believe you can. You’ve got to believe in yourself and your possibilities, and in order to reach this level of understanding about yourself, you must gain control of your attitude.

How do you approach each and every day? How do you deal with bad news? How do you deal with the stress of your job, the challenge of being a mother or father? How do you deal with the challenge of managing your finances . . . of being in debt . . . of having bills that exceed your income? How do you deal with the challenge of knowing that you are a good person, yet you are not experiencing happiness and peace of mind? How do you deal with the fact that maybe—just maybe—you are not currently the architect of your own destiny?

Regardless of how you responded to the previous questions, please know that the questions are only to trigger a thought process. Don’t dwell on your responses, because this course is about helping you look forward, not backward.

Simply put, attitude is EVERYTHING! The way you view life, especially the way you view your challenges and problems, has everything to do with how you plan and build a life.

Belief in possibilities is, perhaps, our greatest asset. When we believe in possibilities, it is much harder to fall into a belief that we cannot overcome problems and challenges. Problems and challenges are opportunities to learn. God did not create us to fail. Positive beliefs and a positive attitude about life create a positive force that works to support us in every aspect of our lives. It just makes sense to be excited every day; after all, life is a great gift! It does not really matter that it is raining or that the sun might be shining. Every day represents a new gift and a new opportunity. Expect problems and challenges because life would not be life without them. Remember, the only people who do not have problems are the people no longer with us.

Take a minute to think about what was just said in the previous paragraph. Really focus on it. Now try to explain to yourself why you should not be excited about your life, no matter what your present circumstance. You really can’t, can you? The point we are making is this: you cannot afford to have a bad attitude about anything. Your life and…