The Role Knowledge Plays

Even the best architects in the world are continually learning. As new technologies in building emerge and new design concepts take hold, architects must stay abreast of the changes or be left behind.

Knowledge plays a key role in enabling you to become the architect of your own destiny. Now that you have completed your goal-setting exercises, we will continue with the process of preparation by examining where you are in terms of what you know.

Here is another brutal fact you must face: It’s quite possible that you are where you are because of what you do or don’t know. What you know and how you convert that knowledge into positive actions in your life increases the value of the skills and services you provide. Your knowledge also affects your ability to realistically achieve your goals. But what you don’t know may be preventing you from becoming a more skilled person, a more valuable person who is able to contribute more to your chosen career or professional path, the life you desire to live. This is a sad fact: Most people do not know what they do not know nor do they understand exactly how to maximize their true potential and achieve financial independence, happiness and peace of mind.

In college the architectural student is taught all aspects of how to design a building; however, there is no course offered on how to design a life. Consequently, regardless of the level of education we are fortunate enough to attain, many of us experience stress, frustration, and the inability to achieve success and happiness/peace of mind regardless of the degrees earned. How can it be that we can go all the way through grade school, middle school, junior high school, high school, and college/trade school, and only then realize that we were not really taught or coached on how to design our lives?

As you know, there are many individuals who experienced a limited formal education yet somehow still realized what they needed to know and understand about life, and, after putting new knowledge and understanding into actionable plans, succeeded in their endeavors beyond their wildest dreams. On the other hand, we hear of those who have experienced the ultimate in formal education, yet for some reason were never able to convert their knowledge and skills into success, happiness, and peace of mind—even though they were, by society’s standards, the smartest and brightest, even the most brilliant!

What’s missing in terms of knowledge? Our educational systems, regardless of level, invest incredible resources in determining how to educate in the traditional manner. What appears to be missing is a different type of education—education that focuses on the development of the human being and the knowledge needed to understand how to maximize our potential. When dealing with young people who are just beginning their formal education, we must begin to include courses that focus on knowing the importance of these critical attributes:

  • Belief in ourselves
  • Pride in being…