The Role Skill Plays

An architect may have a vast knowledge of architectural principles and designs, but if he or she does not have the practical skills to connect the design with the engineering, the building will remain just a vision.

So it is with your life. It is not enough simply to know what you need to do in order to enhance the quality of your life or to succeed in any endeavor. Throughout the world, there are those who were actually brilliant in that they knew an awful lot about so many things, but they were not successful in spite of that brilliance! The facts are, you must not only know what to do, but you must also have the skills to be able to execute what you know.

Executing Your Skills

In simple terms, most people know what they need to do in order to become successful, but they don’t necessarily execute what they know. They find excuses for not doing what they know should be done. They simply find excuses for their failures or not being able to live their lives the way they truly desire. Doctors and lawyers fail no differently than plumbers and housekeepers; plumbers and housekeepers succeed no differently than those in other professions. There are successes and failures everywhere and in all walks of life. Therefore, a pursuit of success in any endeavor must include a mastery of skills once knowledge has been attained. Knowledge has to migrate into skill improvement, and skill improvement has to migrate into habits and discipline. As with attitude, goal setting, acquiring the needed knowledge, skills are critical to your success!

A key lesson here is that once you understand the importance of skill mastery in whatever you do, you will gain confidence in your ability to maximize your potential and achieve your goals and dreams. When you know that others may be equal to you but no one else is better than you, you realize that you are valuable and have something to offer. If you are in business for yourself, skill mastery enables you to establish that competitive advantage that you need as an entrepreneur.

In order to gain competitive advantage and mastery of the skills essential to what you are doing, you must practice! A salesperson can easily practice a presentation or an approach that piques a prospect’s interest in the product or proposition. In other professions, you can practice through simulation. Each profession offers such an opportunity. Whatever it is that you want to do, you can practice it until you master it. If you want to bake an incredible cake, you can purchase a recipe or create one of your own, and then practice making it as many times as you desire. Each time you practice, you enhance your ability to improve your skills to the mastery level. Once you master the skills essential to whatever it is that you are choosing to do, you increase the probability of achieving your goals and making your dreams…